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Entertainment Budget for Thursday, October 1, 2020


Updated at 4 p.m. EDT (2000 UTC).



^The moonlight confessions of Stevie Nicks<

^MUS-NICKS:LA—<Stevie Nicks was in her early 30s when her father told her she’d never get married.

She had just released her first solo album, 1981’s “Bella Donna,” embarking on a second career that would fill any time she wasn’t spending with Fleetwood Mac. Her music, Nicks’ dad said, would always consume her.

She considered the possibility. She certainly was not a woman who liked to be told what to do. Still, the words stung: “No man would be happy being Mr. Stevie Nicks for very long.” Had he doomed her to a life of solitude simply by speaking the thought into existence?

“Nobody,” she laughs now, decades later, “dooms me to anything but myself.”

3250 (with trims) by Amy Kaufman. MOVED


^The 5 Stevie-est Stevie Nicks moments<

^MUS-NICKS-MOMENTS:LA—<Forty-three years after Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” topped the Billboard Hot 100, the soft-rock staple written and sung by Stevie Nicks took over pop culture again last week thanks to a viral video showing a dude on a skateboard lip-syncing to the song between swigs from a full-size bottle of cran-raspberry juice. An out-of-nowhere delight? For sure. But we should never be too surprised when Nicks sneaks back up to remind us she’s still a whole vibe. Here are five of her Stevie-est moments of all time.

450 by Mikael Wood. MOVED


^Hollywood fears movie theaters ‘may not survive’ COVID-19 pandemic<

MOVIE-CORONAVIRUS-THEATERS:LA — After more than six months of struggles amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Hollywood issued a dire message about the state of the movie theater industry — the nation’s cinemas “may not survive” without help.

Groups representing movie studios, theater owners and directors on Wednesday called on lawmakers in Washington, D.C., to provide “specific relief” for film exhibitors, saying that nearly 70% of small and midsized theater companies would be forced to declare bankruptcy or go out of businesses without government assistance.

550 by Ryan Faughnder in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Chrissy Teigen and John Legend share ‘deep pain’ of miscarriage<

^TEIGEN:NY—<Chrissy Teigen suffered a miscarriage Wednesday and shared the “deep pain” of her loss with husband John Legend in heartbreaking messages on social media.

“We are shocked and in the kind of deep pain you only hear about, the kind of pain we’ve never felt before,” Teigen said in an Instagram post.

350 by Nancy Dillon. MOVED



^’Possessor’ review: Pardon me while I borrow your cranium<

^POSSESSOR-UNCUT-MOVIE-REVIEW:TB—<A clever, crazy-gory second feature from writer-director Brandon Cronenberg, “Possessor” points to a young filmmaker indebted to the work of his famous father: “Scanners,” “Dead Ringers” and “A History of Violence” maestro David Cronenberg. The film, however, goes its own way with some usefully berserk imagery. It’s the work of someone who knows the value of both pure cinema and copious viscera.

600 by Michael Phillips. MOVED


^’On the Rocks’ review: When ‘low-keyed’ becomes ‘low interest,’ despite Bill Murray and Rashida Jones<

^ON-ROCKS-MOVIE-REVIEW:TB—<In 2003, writer-director Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray collaborated on “Lost in Translation,” which did a lot for both careers. Now Coppola and Murray have teamed up again for a new seriocomic story working in an extremely minor key. It’s minor, as in understated, and minor, as in not much.

In “On the Rocks,” an Apple Original Films and A24 release, Coppola’s visual instincts remain self-effacingly effective. But like Laura, the doubting protagonist played by Rashida Jones, struggles to engage with her writing amid doubts about her husband’s fidelity, the screenplay turns out to provoke a similar sort of struggle.

450 by Michael Phillips. MOVED


^Review: Immigrant caravans and Mexican cartels: ‘Blood on the Wall’ tracks human toll of failed policies<

^BLOOD-WALL-MOVIE-REVIEW:LA—<Discussions of immigration and drugs, especially in an election year, tend to be limited to the impact within the U.S. “Blood on the Wall,” directors Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested’s dense dive into the failed policies, political corruption and economics that drive both immigration and narco-trafficking in Mexico, primarily approaches these topics from the southern side of the border.

Utilizing you-are-there reporting and the commentary of political analysts, journalists and former government officials, Junger and Quested overlay two tangled and tragic story lines.

500 by Kevin Crust. MOVED


^Actor Sheldon Brown was shot in Chicago 2 years ago. He was filming ‘Cicada’ 2 months later. Now he’s sharing his take on living with trauma<

^MOVIE-CICADA-BROWN:TB—<The last time the SKYCHURP talked with actor Sheldon Brown, he was preparing to get back on stage for the first time after being shot in a drive-by on Chicago’s North Side. A bullet had pierced his left buttock, torn through his abdomen, fractured one of his right pelvic bones and lodged in his hipbone.

That was April 8, 2018. As Brown recalls: A car pulled up in an alley, a window rolled down and someone inside asked where the party was. Before he could answer, “they just started shooting.”

We caught up with Brown days before his first film, “Cicada,” was set to debut at Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival in September.

1150 by Darcel Rockett. MOVED



^Cindy Blackman Santana, a drum dynamo in jazz and rock, on music, her all-star new album and famous husband<

^MUS-BLACKMAN-SANTANA:SD—<How did acclaimed drummer Cindy Blackman Santana react when her husband and musical partner, guitar legend Carlos Santana, first suggested she make an album featuring her singing?

“I was like: ‘That’s OK, honey, but thanks’!” she recalled with a hearty laugh.

“Just because I love drumming so much, my first thought about making any music is to get on the drums and create with people. Before I met Carlos, my mother would say to me: ‘You should sing!’ I would tell her: ‘Oh, mom, you love me. Thanks very much, but no, thank you.’ Then Carlos would hear me around the house and say: ‘You should sing.’ I said: ‘No’.”

But times, like time signatures, can evolve and change in the hands of a gifted and flexible drummer. Now, Blackman Santana has found her voice — literally — on her new solo outing, the proudly eclectic “Give the Drummer Some.”

2000 (with trims) by George Varga. MOVED


^Career-spanning Aretha Franklin retrospective to feature rarities, demos and live tracks<

^MUS-FRANKLIN:NY—<All of the record companies that Aretha Franklin recorded for are showing her R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

A new career-spanning retrospective, simply titled “Aretha,” will be released on Nov. 20 featuring 81 remastered tracks, 19 of which have never been released. They include alternate renditions of some of the late Queen of Soul’s classic hits, plus demos, rarities and live performances.

600 by Karu F. Daniels. MOVED


^Mama Barbie! Nicki Minaj gives birth to her first child<

^MUS-MINAJ:LA—<Yeah, that’s that super baby — Nicki Minaj has welcomed her first child.

The “Super Bass” rapper gave birth Wednesday in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times has confirmed. No additional birth details were immediately available. As of Thursday, Minaj had not commented on social media about her new baby.

200 by Nardine Saad. MOVED



^Dream moderators for the next presidential debate: From Judge Judy to Jerry Springer<

^TV-CAMPAIGN-DEBATE-DREAM-MODERATORS:TB—<We’re a country divided, but the day after the first presidential debate, we can agree on one thing: Moderator Chris Wallace had his work cut out for him.

Repeated interruptions by President Donald Trump and a strikingly combative debate had citizens calling for a mic-mute option and complaining that Wallace wasn’t up to the job of reining in the candidates.

We want to help. So in the interest of civil discourse and national unity, we drew up this list of dream moderators — either fictional or actual — who could really get the job done.

450 by Nara Schoenberg, Heidi Stevens, Alison Bowen, Hannah Herrera Greenspan and Stephanie Reynolds. MOVED


^New documentary chronicles struggles, triumphs of Anti-Flag<

^VID-ANTIFLAG-BEYONDBARRICADES:PG—<It’s hard to keep a touring band in operation for more than 25 years.

It’s all the more challenging when your name is Anti-Flag and your mission goes well beyond entertainment.

In “Beyond Barricades: The Story of Anti-Flag,” a Jon Nix documentary about the Pittsburgh punk band premiering Saturday, founder and frontman Justin Geever (aka Justin Sane) explains, “I wanted to name the band Anti-Flag because every time corrupt politicians start a war, they pull out the flag, and with the flag they bring this corrupted patriotism.”

Sane was 19 at the time with little concern for how divisive that name was or how it would age with the band as it became more established.

800 by Scott Mervis. MOVED




^TV-QUESTIONS:MCT—<Television Q&A: New ‘Dancing with the Stars’ judge Tyra Banks draws ire of fans

850 by Rich Heldenfels. MOVED



^VID-NEWONDVD:MCT—<New on DVD: Patrick Stewart goes boldly once again in ‘Picard’

600. MOVED



^TV-REMOTE-ADV04:CC—<Around the remote: Chuck Barney’s TV and streaming picks for Oct. 4-10

550 by Chuck Barney. MOVED



^POKER-ADV:TB—<Sunday release—Poker column.

(EDITORS: Column sold separately; not included in your News Service subscription.)

900. (Moving later.)



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