Britney Spears shows love for #FreeBritney in court filing | Entertainment

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The arguments to seal have said that Britney Spears’ private medical information, details about her children and trade secrets must be protected. But she argues in her opposition that none of those things are revealed in this or many other filings in the case.

A conservatorship, known in many states as guardianship, is usually reserved for people with a severely diminished capacity to make decisions for themselves. In cases like Britney Spears’, who was put under control when she was having psychological problems and her life was in a downward spiral in 2008, they rarely last this long.

Recent filings showed that Britney Spears’ assets, which the conservatorship controls, totaled about $50 million at the start of 2020.

Her father and Wallet acted for years as her co-conservators, until Wallet stepped aside last year, briefly leaving James Spears in sole control. Citing health concerns, James Spears temporarily stepped down as conservator of his daughter’s personal affairs, but he stayed conservator of her finances. Jodi Montgomery became conservator of Britney’s person.

After years of silence on the conservatorship, which Spears has agreed was necessary at first, she has suddenly begun to publicly express her wishes, though she has stopped short of declaring she wants it to end entirely.

She said in court papers last month that she wanted Montgomery to stay on permanently, and strongly objected to his father retaking her role.

And in a new filing Wednesday, she said she wants a financial company, Bessemer Trust, to be the conservator overseeing her money, a move that would push James Spears out entirely.

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