Opinion/Letter: Vote your conscience, eschew entertainment | Letters

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With the political turmoil we witness in the White House and Congress, we often wonder: When will this all end? When can we begin seeing cooperation, compromise and bipartisanship? When will we have stability in the executive office?

We might find ourselves feeling somewhat depressed and helpless. We ask ourselves: Is this the new “normal”?

Realistically, we are experiencing entertainment.

Our free time is occupied by entertainment. We watch movies or television, attend opera or plays, but oftentimes may come away feeling unfulfilled. If you are not enjoying these forms of entertainment, then turn them off; get up and leave. Do something constructive; listen to classical music; read a history or science book.

The same is true with college or professional sporting events if your favorite team is losing and the future seems bleak. Consider that it’s entertainment, only a game and nothing consequential for us; do something constructive.

Which leads me to politics. We should remain current with events that affect us. Understand what can be consequential. It’s another form of entertainment — but serious.

Consider the president. He showcased himself and occupied center stage as an actor on “The Apprentice.” He manipulated contestants and took great pleasure in firing them. Then, in 2016, as most of our jaws dropped, we saw him elected as our president. Really? His motive was to continue acting, occupying center stage, manipulating his administration and staff and taking great pleasure in firing them.

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