Rocker Lenny Kravitz looks back to when he found his voice | Entertainment

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Ritz, the co-writer, complimented Kravitz for being so hands-on throughout the years it took to finish the book. He says his co-writer was open and ready to explore anything.

“He’s got a lot of courage. The thing about Lenny, artistically and personally, he’s just a man of great courage,” Ritz says. Writing it together was “like being in a studio where you’re jamming.”

Kravitz’s musical influences emerge as Prince, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire and David Bowie, who inspired Kravitz to get color-changing contact lenses. The book also explores Kravitz’s spirituality and his experience of being born again.

His first band was Wave — “the Gap Band meets the Jacksons meets Rick James meets Shalamar meets the Time.” They had fog machines and sound effects, an elaborate light show and a staggering 15 members.

Among some interesting business decisions: He was handed “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Kennedy Gordy, son of legendary producer Berry Gordy. But Kravitz declined. So the younger Gordy went on to record the hit song under the name Rockwell.

On the romance front, he dated Tisha Campbell of “Martin” and met his now-ex-wife, Bonet, at a New Edition concert. “I like your hair,” he told her. In the book he admitted, “It was a lame line.”

Their blossoming relationship ends the book. “It was like she was the female version of me, and in seeing her, I was able to see myself,” he writes.

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