Gossip Girl Characters & Their Full House Counterparts

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The show Gossip Girl followed the dramatic and glamorous lives of characters living in Manhattan, while Full House, as well as its sequel series titled Fuller House, was about a family living in San Francisco. 

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While the plots, settings, and tones were quite different, these two popular and successful television series shared some similarities. For instance, there were main characters from Gossip Girl that were a lot like some of the main characters from Full House; they had similar interests, personalities, styles, physical features, and strengths, making 10 people from the Upper East Side counterparts of 10 people from the Tanner-Fuller clan! 

10 Serena & Kimmy

Serena & Kimmy

Serena van der Woodsen was a blonde It girl who turned heads and started trends. She was like a literal ray of sunshine, wearing stand-out clothing items, bringing smiles to faces and making waves at school, in the workplace, and on the Upper East Side.

While Kimmy Gibbler was quirkier than S, she understood and appreciated spreading cheer and doing everything in a one-of-a-kind way. From her outfits to her dialogue, she was like no other. 

9 Blair & D.J. 

Blair & D.J.

Blair Waldorf and D.J. Tanner were both characters who enjoyed making lists, organizing areas, being in charge, planning events and, well, having everything go their way… or else. If Blair’s plan happened to hit a snag, she would blow up, kick someone out of her popular group, lie and spend tons of money to fix it.

When D.J. hit a bump in the road, she would say “oh, my lanta”, cry then get some loving support from her friends and family… She was a total sweetheart (and not a spoiled diva). Still, type-A personalities were found in both of them. 

8 Dan & Steve 

dan and steve

Brown hair, loyal and loving vibes, genuinely good guys, perfect first boyfriends… Two more counterparts were Dan Humphrey and Steve Hale. Their hobbies differed, as Dan was a reader/writer, and Steve, an athlete, and Steve never blasted out rumors about those around him. 

Deep down and on the surface, though, these two guys should definitely seem somewhat the same to fans. 

7 Chuck & Max

chuck and max

Chuck Bass was a powerful and influential character, as he took over his father’s empire, rode around in a limo, threw the wildest parties and dressed in a dashing way.

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Max Fuller also had quite a bit of power and influence, which was impressive for such a young character; he was confident, charming, and wore bow ties, just like Chuck, making him appear and feel even more successful! 

6 Nate & Jesse 

Nate & Jesse

To be honest, Nate Archibald and Uncle Jesse served as some major eye candy on their respective shows, but, of course, they offered up so much more.

Nate was a sweet and caring friend, the only one who never dished out info to Gossip Girl. And Jesse was like another father to D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle, being there for them through it all. 

5 Jenny & Stephanie 

Jenny & Stephanie

Jenny Humphrey saw a pretty significant transformation on Gossip Girl; she was Dan’s little brother, she worked her way up to being an it girl at school, and she turned on her true friends and family members, all for popularity and power. Still, this blonde rebel was a decent human being (as a Humphrey) and a talented artist (as a fashion designer).

Her counterpart from Full House would be Stephanie Tanner. She also had a wild and rebellious side, blonde hair and a warm soul, making her a devoted sister, wife, mother, daughter, and pal. 

4 Rufus & Danny 

Rufus & Danny

Two extremely caring fathers in these stories were Rufus Humphrey and Danny Tanner. Their kids may have thought they were dorky and overbearing at times, but that is just because they wanted the very best for their families.

While Rufus made waffles and Danny cleaned the house, they both gave advice, had heart-to-heart discussions, and supported their kiddos. 

3 Georgina & Gia

Georgina & Gia

Every now and then, Georgina Sparks would pop in Serena’s and her friends’ lives, causing trouble; she was a dark and dramatic character who loved stirring the pot.

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On a similar note, there was Mahan, who was not always the nicest; she was the bad girl in school, and she even showed up in Fuller House, marrying D.J.’s ex! Both of these women could be likable and helpful (Gia more than Georgina), though, and their physical features were similar, as well. 

2 Vanessa & Ramona 

Vanessa & Ramona

Two more characters who looked alike were Vanessa Abrams and Ramona Gibbler, and they were both also interested in the arts. Vanessa had a hippie vibe, with flowing clothes and a love of speaking out and up against injustices, all while making documentaries. 

Ramona, Kimmy’s daughter, was a dancer who dressed in a funky way and was outspoken, too.

1 Dorota & Joey 

Dorota & Joey

Last but not least, Dorota Kishlovsky and Joey Gladstone could be counterparts! First of all, they provided comedic relief, with Dorota being a breath of fresh air amidst all of Gossip Girl’s drama and with all of Joey’s voices and jokes. 

Secondly and most importantly, they were like parents, providing care and guidance; Dorota was there for Blair more than her mother was, and the girls on Full House had Danny, Jesse, and Joey to go to at any time. 

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