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Well, it sure has been an interesting week in the world of hockey, hasn’t it? And I don’t mean the actual hockey. AND it’s only Wednesday! TLN crew were chatting this morning about all the recent drama around the league, and it occurred to us that having a quick weekly roundup or rundown of the latest drama and gossip hits might be useful (and more importantly, fun.)

Introducing: Page 6ix. Your weekly hockey drama roundup! We’re just reporting it as it happens, gathering info in one handy place.

Let’s get to it, shall we?


A Knight’s Tale

The drama this week kicked off with this now infamous tweet by Allan Walsh, agent to Vegas Golden Knight goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

Fleury spoke to the press the following day, but never confirmed whether he knew about the tweet ahead of time. I’m not sure we’ll ever know the true story and all the details, but this certainly suggests that there is some drama in Knights-land.


Battle of the Blogs

Moving on, last night was a bit of a rollercoaster on social media. After announcing the trade that sees Kasperi Kapanen heading to Pittsburgh, his girlfriend took to Twitter to apparently denounce tumblr blogs and attack Kapanen’s ex-girlfriend. She later deleted her twitter account, but most of the drama can be found in this thread:

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