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Howdy, hockey gossip readers. It’s time for your weekly rundown of what caused a stir in the online hockey world these past few days. We’ve got some fun drama to dive into, so buckle up.

The Leafs Lads (and Lasses)

Last week, we were all *eyes emoji* about Kyle Clifford removing all traces of the Leafs from his social media. Well, either some PR person told him to put it back, or talks intensified to keep him on the team, because look who’s a Leaf again on Twitter:

We’ve been following former Leaf Kasperi Kapanen’s drama with on-again/off-again girlfriend Paige pretty closely. After unfollowing each other on social media and taking down all pictures together, it seems Paige has moved to LA, and she posted a very interesting message on her way there:

Finally, in more wholesome news, Travis Dermott joined a kids’ hockey podcast this past week, because he is adorable.


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