The Blacklist Season 8: Storyline, Release Date, and Many More

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Whether it is the subtle twists or an expeditious direction, The Blacklist has it all to keep you hooked up with the screen. Since the beginning, each of its seasons, especially the 7th one, was quite exciting and exhilarating.  

Hence, many fans were waiting for The Blacklist season 8 like hungry lions. But, there is no need to worry. Here, we are going to talk about everything that you need to know about the eighth season of the TV show. Let’s get started with it. 

What About the Renewal Status?

Let’s give you the good news first. The Blacklist has, indeed, been renewed by its creators for a brand new season of a rollercoaster ride. But when is it going to release? Well, in all honesty, we do not have any confirmed date about it yet. 

So, in this aspect, we will try to use our guesswork. If you are an avid fan of the series, then you probably do know that its new instalments generally arrive at either September or October. So, The Blacklist season 8 might release during the same period as well. 

However, no, things are not going to be so easy this year. Due to the course of the pandemic, we are expecting the official release date to delay a little bit. As per reports, the new instalment will probably launch in early-2021. 

A Small Peek at the Storyline 

The 7th instalment of the series finished with Elizabeth leaving Raymond and choosing her mother instead. So, we expect The Blacklist season 8 to start off from where it had ended before. 

However, some reports also suggest that we are going to see an old enemy again in the new episodes. But who is it going to be? Will it change the whole course of the series? To know more about it, make sure to stay connected with us!

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