The Society 2 Updates: Is it happening?

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Netflix’s most popular show The society ended with lots of thrill and cliffhangers. After the makers announced for its second instalment, the fans were keenly looking forward to it. But, keeping in view, the sudden pandemic outbreak, the popular streaming platform called off the upcoming The Society Season 2. However, the production studio of the show has exposed some exciting details regarding the forthcoming season! As per the hottest gossip, you guys might watch your favourite drama back on Netflix! For further info, let’s delve into the topic.


What is The society all about? 

Directed by Christopher Keyser, The Society is an American teen drama that revolves around a mysterious town namely New Ham. The storyline centres around a group of high school teenagers who have to lead their own community after all the residents of their town disappear all of a sudden. The teens discovered themselves left alone in the town when they returned from a cancelled field trip. The plot started becoming more engaging when a dense forest appeared unexpectedly enclosing their town. The show highlighted their survival journey with a limited source.

Details on its renewal 

Initially, the makers of “The Society” revealed its renewal back in 2019 July. However, owing to the current health crisis, the production was delayed. Later on the 21st of August, the makers disclosed that they have decided to put it on hold for now. Once the situation trends to get better, they would commence the project. The moment we get to know any details on the release date of The Society Season 2, we will inform you in no time. 

The expected plot of “ The Society Season 2” 

Though neither the makers nor the casts have mentioned much about the plot of The Society Season 2, the critics have estimated its storyline. At the end of the first season, the teens realised that they were in a parallel university. The upcoming part might show their efforts of finding a way to return to their original world. As soon as you get to know any further details, we will update it on our site. Hence, stay tuned!

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