12 Minutes is a top-down timeloop thriller featuring a Hollywood all-star cast

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First revealed back during E3 in June, Annapurna Interactive released some more info on narrative point and click thriller 12 Minutes as part of Gamescom. From the short new trailer we already know the small cast of people doomed to meet each other over and over again consists of none other than James McAvoy (X-Men, His Dark Materials), Daisy Ridley (Star Wars, Muder on the Orient Express) and Willem Dafoe (The Lighthouse, Spider-Man).

In a new Behind the Scenes look at the voice-over sessions, Ridley, McAvoy and developer Luis Antonio further talk about what to expect. Immediately at the beginning of the video, Antonio pulls no punches: “If games were film, we’re still in the black and white, silent movie era,” he says. “In the game world, everything is about shooting, killing and scarring, but we’re slowly seeing this can go somewhere else.”

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