Drive-in comedy series parks at the Magic Castle in Hollywood – Daily News

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Veteran comic Jamie Kennedy is used to hearing applause and laughs from the stage — and even some occasional jeers.

But getting flashed by high-beams and hearing some weird noises paired with LED lights during his latest sets, well, that’s something new. The comedy club Kennedy’s currently playing? It’s a Hollywood parking lot.

Kennedy’s been one of the regular performers at the “Magic Asphalt: Drive-In Comedy Under the Stars” series, which takes place two weekends a month in the Magic Castle’s parking lot.

“The people are awesome. These cars, they’re all around you and they clack. They got these things and they just clack them back and forth when they like something. It was cool hearing that,” Kennedy said. “You can hear the laughs, too, but you can really hear the clacks and once you get used to that, it was just like, ‘OK, I’m going to do this again.’”

Married comedy producers Tammy Jo Dearen and Nikole Larson launched the series because indoor comedy clubs are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We were trying to figure out how to make this happen and continue to produce shows and bring laughter and allow the comics to have an outlet. We tried other things like Zoom shows but we decided the safe way to do it, and the only thing allowed here in L.A. County is a drive-in show,” Dearen said.

Every other week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, ticket holders park their cars in front of a stage at the Magic Castle parking lot where they turn on their radios so they can hear the routine as more than a dozen comedians jump on the microphone in front of tons of metal.

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