Gabrielle Union doesn’t regret ‘speaking up’ about Hollywood and America’s Got Talent | People

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Gabrielle Union doesn't regret 'speaking up' about Hollywood and America's Got Talent

Gabrielle Union will “never regret speaking up” about her experiences in Hollywood.

The 47-year-old actress filed a complaint about “toxic” behavior on the set of ‘America’s Got Talent’ earlier this year, following her decision last year to quit the show after just one season on the judging panel because of the alleged racial bias and discrimination she faced.

Speaking to Naomi Campbell on the supermodel’s ‘No Filter’ web series, she said: “When you walk in to a space and you recognize that change needs to happen sooner than later, [it’s important] to speak up.

“And I’m confident that the wheels of change are turning faster, and we’ll reach an amicable agreement. I will never regret speaking up. Ever. Never ever.”

Gabrielle noted that racism is still a major issue in Hollywood – and society as a whole – and she has been struck by the “anti-blackness” of the film industry throughout her career.

She added: “[It was] jarring and shocking, and it still is.

“There’s a very narrow idea of what kind of black girl was acceptable and marketable.”

Back in June, the ‘Being Mary Jane’ star filed a discrimination complaint against NBC, Simon Cowell, FremantleMedia and Syco Entertainment in California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

However, the case has since been closed as she instead requested an immediate right to sue, which she was granted.

Her official complaint came after NBC previously conducted an independent investigation into Gabrielle’s allegations regarding ‘AGT’, but she was unhappy with how it was handled.

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