Is Lamar Jackson Too Locked In on Mark Andrews and Hollywood Brown?

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OWINGS MILLS, MD. — It’s no secret that Ravens tight end Mark Andrews and wide receiver Hollywood Brown are the favorite targets for Lamar Jackson.

That makes sense since Andrews and Brown are two of the team’s top playmakers. 

Brown leads the team with 36 times this season, while Andrews is second at 29. That means they account for 49% of the team’s total targets (134). 

Is Jackson too locked-in on Brown and Andrews?

“There are plays that he [Lamar Jackson] executes perfectly, and there are some plays you’d like to have back,” offensive coordinator Greg Roman said. “But essentially, we don’t want to be so aggressive that we’re taking … We want to throw the ball to the open guy, and that could be anybody. At times, we’re really doing a good job of that, and at times we’re maybe getting a little greedy. 

“So, those are things that will continue to improve as we move forward. That’s definitely kind of a staple concept, staple philosophy of ours; we want to really put pressure on the defense and throw it to the open guy as much as possible.”

Bengals Safety Jessie Bates III brought this potential issue to the forefront following the Ravens 27-3 victory in Week 5. Cincinnati knew Jackson was going to key on Andrews and Brown, so the goal was to take them out of the game. 

Andrews had six receptions for 56 yards and a touchdown in the first half. However, he did not catch a pass in the second half.

Brown made four of his six receptions in the first half. He finished with 77 yards receiving and his first touchdown of the season.

“It’s just as simple as not letting him get the ball,” Bates said. “We know where Lamar [Jackson] wants to go; either ‘15’ [Marquise Brown] or ‘89’ [Mark Andrews]. It showed up today as well. That’s all he was really throwing to, was ‘15’ or ‘89.’ We didn’t make the plays where it was at that point in time.”

Jackson has other options with the passing game. 

Second-year player Miles Boykin is third on the team with 17 targets, followed by Willie Snead (13) and rookies J.K. Dobbins (10) and Devin Duvernay (9). 

Boykin (2 targets) and Snead (3 targets) didn’t have a reception against the Bengals. Dobbins caught all three of his targets for 21 yards, and Duvernay caught both of the passes thrown to him for 17 yards. 

“We’re working hard, and whether you’re throwing to tight ends, receivers, backs, really, the focus is execution, and whatever pass route you might run, it’s just being sharp, crisp,” Roman said. “At times, we’re doing a really nice job; we just have to work on our consistency. I really think everything in our offense is a work in progress.” 

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