Permanent ‘All Black Lives Matter’ mural takes its place on Hollywood Boulevard – Daily News

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The Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services closed Hollywood Boulevard from Highland Avenue to Orange Drive much of the week of Aug. 29. This mission: Paint a one-of-a-kind street mural commemorating the June 14, 2020, social justice march that streamed down the historic thoroughfare.

More than 40,000 people participated in the mammoth march, calling for equality, condemning police misconduct and showcasing LGBTQ people in the Black community. A temporary, colorful declaration that “All Black Lives Matter” was painted on the street for the demonstration, which wound through Hollywood that day.

The march was planned on the day the annual LA Pride march and festival were scheduled. The annual celebration of LGBTQ people was cancelled by the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The street has since reopened with a smaller, but more permanent, version of that phrase painted in the center of the iconic boulevard. Officials aim to preserve the mural as a reminder of the march.

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