PHOTOS: “Walk This Way” Over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for New Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster T-Shirts

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Do you or your little one like to rock out to Aerosmith? If so, you’ll need to “Walk This Way” over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios where we found some killer new t-shirts! Check them out!

Guitar Pick Green Adult Shirt – $24.99


Inside the outline of a guitar pick, you can see phrases you may notice on the marquee before your super stretch launches you from zero to sixty! You’ll certainly be able to “Put the Pedal to the Medal!” with this shirt.


Grey Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Icon Youth Shirt – $24.99


The shirt has a cool fading effect. The top is a dark grey but gradually becomes white at the bottom. On the front is the shadow of an electric guitar and inside you can see icons from the attraction such as drum sticks, license plate, and of course, your super stretch ride vehicle.


The title of the attraction is displayed in shiny silver lettering.


Green “Put the Pedal to the Metal” Youth Shirt – $19.99


“Put the Pedal to the Metal” with this new youth shirt. The background has a faded image of a vinyl record. Below the lettering is a shiny gold super stretch limo, just like the one Aerosmith sends you to the concert in inside the attraction!


These shirts were found at Rock Around the Shop at the exit of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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