Take Two® | CA Approves Extension Of COVID-19 Moratorium On Evictions, New Firefighter Exhibit in Riverside, Hollywood, The Sequel

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CA Legislature Updates

State lawmakers yesterday closed out their last day of legislative session. After a hectic night, the state legislature approved and shelved various bills ranging from police reform to eviction relief.


  • Katie Orr, KQED politics and government reporter

South LA Deputy Shooting

Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a man in the South LA Westmont neighborhood Monday after a brief chase.


  • Frank Stoltze, KPCC Correspondent

Coronavirus College Dorms 

Despite shifting most learning online, Southern California college campuses have opened their dorms to thousands of students. Some reports say that some campuses are taking more stringent measures to avoid COVID-19 outbreaks.


  • Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, ​KPCC’s Education Correspondent

Charter Schools Lawsuit

Enrollment is down across Los Angeles Unified, especially in the lowest grades…due in part to the pandemic and the online schooling it’s brought about. Now, normally, the fact that there are 6,000 fewer kindergarteners across LAUSD would have dire consequences for funding, but state legislators bent the rules earlier this year so public schools could get through these unprecedented times. However, that created a different set of problems that lawmakers are now trying to fix with a new bill. 


Kyle Stokes,  KPCC education Reporter

Upcoming Heat Wave

Another heat wave is expected over labor day weekend, which means an elevated risk for wildfires. But after battling the complex fire up north – that are now topping the list for some of the most destructive fires in the state’s history – how prepared are firefighting agencies to tackle the blazes that are most certain to come.


  • Jacob Margolis, KPCC’s Science Reporter 

Firefighter Exhibit 

Now we turn to the idea of fire as the object of art. While we mourn the loss of life and property when wildfires tear through our communities we also recognize that there’s part of us that’s also irresistibly drawn to a wildfire’s immense power. Some professional photojournalists have even dedicated their careers to just shooting fires. Anna Mayer harnessed their power to help create her sculptures… Norma Quintana, created a kind of memorial from the scorched remains of a fire that could have killed her. Both are among the artists spotlighted in an exhibit that is set to reopen in October at the Photography Museum of California in Riverside called “FACING FIRE: Art, Wildfire, and the End of Nature in the New West.”

Hollywood, The Sequel 

How far would you go to see a movie in a theater? Well, John Horn, host of the LAist Studios podcast “Hollywood: The Sequel” drove out to Las Vegas to get the big screen experience of Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet.” That’s because movie theaters are still not open in California. He shares his experience with A Martinez and talks a bit about this week’s episode with the President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, David Rubin.


  • John Horn, Hollywood, The Sequel Host 


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