Trump claims Hollywood celebs will vote for him because they’re ‘greedy’

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President Trump said he’ll win the vote from left-leaning celebrities because they’re all “greedy.”

Trump made his prediction during a Fox News interview with Laura Ingraham that aired Tuesday night.

He claimed celebs who have slammed him in recent years gave him a vote in 2016 while discussing his chances for 2020.

“Beverly Hills, California: many many people voted for me, and then I’ll see them on television saying bad things,” Trump said.

“They don’t want to lose their wealth. They are greedy people,” Trump went on. “They don’t want to lose their wealth. So they’ll talk one way, but they’re going to vote another way.”

A lone precinct did vote red in 2016, with 54 percent turning out for Trump, the Los Angeles Times reported. But the precinct represented a tiny speck in a sea of blue.

In California, 61 percent of voters picked his rival, Hillary Clinton.

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