Weekend Movie Reviews: ‘Honest Thief’ And ‘The Kid Detective’

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Hoping to take a trip to the theater this weekend? Well, you’re in luck thanks to two worthwhile new releases hitting the big screen.

In the crime-action “Honest Thief,” Liam Neeson plays a career bank robber who attempts to make amends for his past misdeeds because of his lady love (Kate Walsh).

Looking for a dramedy? Look no further than “The Kid Detective,” starring Adam Brody as a once-celebrated child investigator searching for his path to redemption.


Here’s what to see and what to skip this weekend:

“Honest Thief” — Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney; directed by Mark Williams

Liam Neeson is back doing his signature soft-spoken-yet-deadly persona in “Honest Thief,” a crime-action thriller about a bank robber whose attempt to right his wrongs goes awry.

In the film, Neeson plays Tom Carter, a former Marine demolitions expert who is now a bank robber, also known as the “In and Out Bandit.” His specialty? He can easily rob a small-town bank leaving not a single trace of his tracks.

However, Tom is now determined to start a new life with his girlfriend, grad student Annie (Kate Walsh), who has given him all the more reason to atone for his past misdeeds. Soon, he contacts the FBI and offers a deal: to turn himself in and return every penny of the $9 million he has stolen, in exchange for a reduced sentence in a prison near the love of his life.

It won’t be long before a pair of rogue FBI agents (Jai Courtney and Anthony Ramos) plot to steal the money and kill Tom, setting in motion our hero’s burning rage for vengeance.

See it. Neeson proves once again that he is a natural action star, notwithstanding an implausible script.

Watch the trailer:

“The Kid Detective” — Adam Brody, Sophie Nélisse; directed by Evan Morgan

Writer-director Evan Morgan’s “The Kid Detective” is a neo-noir movie about a former child investigator trying to find his path to redemption.

The film stars Adam Brody as Abe Applebaum, a 32-year-old washed-up private investigator who was once a popular kid detective during his prepubescent days — that is, until the child prodigy had some serious missteps in his attempt to solve the mystery behind a girl’s disappearance.

Over the years, Abe has become the town’s laughingstock, but his luck is about to change when 16-year-old high schooler Caroline (Sophie Nélisse) hires him to find her boyfriend’s murderer.

Will Abe solve the case and finally be able to redeem himself?

See it. If you think this is going to be a formulaic movie, think again. “The Kid Detective” is full of surprises — especially the finale.

Watch the trailer:

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