Empire 8, which includes Utica, weighs guidelines for winter sports

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Utica College athletic director Dave Fontaine

The Empire 8 Conference continues to evaluate what’s next for winter sports.

The NCAA Division III conference – which includes Utica College – provided the limited update Thursday after setting Oct. 1 as a deadline for the decision while navigating coronavirus concerns.

Dave Fontaine, the Utica College athletic director, said the school is in a “good position.”

“I can’t stress enough that safety is at the front of everyone’s mind,” Fontaine said Thursday. “Nobody wants to have a spike on their campus which changes the course of what we’ve been doing. At Utica, we’ve been very fortunate and very proactive in our testing. Any cases (at UC) – and there have been a few, that’s to be expected – have been managed appropriately.”

According to its online dashboard, Utica College had a total of 13 positive COVID-19 cases out of more than 14,500 tests conducted as of Tuesday. UC has three active cases, according to the dashboard.

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