NYSPHSAA director gives hint of high-risk sports guidance | High School

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Longtime Cleveland Hill coach Glen Graham said he will work with his team whenever he receives the OK, but added that the longer he goes without a game plan leading into Sept. 21, the more he wouldn’t mind just moving the sport to early spring (March-May). Section VIII (Nassau County) opted to do just that last week.

“I, personally for myself, I’d rather see us flip it to the spring at this point,” he said. “That would give us more time to get prepared because nobody got any teamwork in during the summer. Having fall practice and then being able to play in the spring would be a much better option for us at this time.

“Also, we can structure practices differently. No need to go 5-6 days a week. For me it’s going to be hectic enough with everyone starting school and then the uncertainty of football. Obviously, I’ll coach whenever they tell me, but I think kids missing out on the summer work will affect how teams line up.”

Last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave the OK for fall sports to start practicing Sept. 21, but he did it with a phased approach. Low-risk sports including soccer, golf, cross country, field hockey, girls swimming and tennis can practice and then play games, although they’re not allowed to leave the section for competition until Oct. 19. The high-risk sports can practice only until further notice. They are limited to individual or group, work with no- to low-contact training. Three days after the initial announcement, Cuomo said his start date was a suggested one and added that school districts ultimately have the final call on oh whether they will restart sports at that date or at some other date down the road.

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