Outdoors: Doves diving for cover as season opens | Sports News

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A lake turning over can sometimes result in fish kills, unpleasant odors and flavors in drinking water, and other negatives that include making fish trickier to find. However, the disruption typically doesn’t last very long, and usually within a week or so, things are back to normal.

Buena Vista Lake restock

Covid has impacted almost every aspect of our society, but the outdoor sports have taken more of a glancing blow than the head-on train wreck suffered by some activities.

Still, there have been disruptions in outdoor-related events like fishing tournaments, industry shows, and other gatherings, and even fish stocking programs have felt the pain.

Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Neighborhood Fishin’ program has been bringing fishing opportunities to city parks and other community spots with small lakes and ponds for years, stocking catfish during warm months and rainbow trout in cooler weather.

This year, though, the number of stocking sites has been cut back, but thankfully, Waco’s Buena Vista Lake survived the slash. Stockings across the state should begin again this week after a suspension of activity since late July, and soon, another batch of eating-size channel catfish should be ready for action.

Anglers 16 and younger don’t need a license to fish.

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