Epic Games Vs Apple: Tim Sweeney Takes Another Dig At The Tech Giant

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The Epic Games vs Apple saga shook the world as Tim Sweeney launched an all-out attack against the tech giant. It was definitely a planned move by Epic as they had everything in place to call out Apple’s alleged monopolistic policies.

Tim has always been vocal about his stance on Apple’s policies. The reason he isn’t seeking any monetary compensation from them is that he wants to level the playing field for everyone. And he isn’t looking to stop his verbal attacks on Apple anytime soon.

His most recent tweet, he shared an article that took a stance against Apple. He even had some statistics of his own to add to it. Take a look at his tweets below.


The article by Rizwan Virk puts Apple under scrutiny and tears into the company’s alleged malpractices. The author seems to agree with everything that Epic is fighting for and takes a stance against the tech behemoth. He even takes a rather uncalled for dig at Apple when he writes “Apple, like the big monopolies of the past, now seems to think innovation means putting out a new color or different product size while optimizing efficiency and profitability.”

Epic Games is not the only one who has problems with Apple

Interestingly enough, Epic is not the only one who has problems with Apple’s policies. Companies like Spotify, Tinder, and Netflix, have all called out Apple in the past, accusing them of similar practices. Even Steam founder Gabe Newell has called out the company’s monopolistic practices.

Apple also recently blocked Epic developer access for the App Store. This came just days after the court ruled against Apple’s decision to block Unreal Engine developers from accessing the App Store. But it looks like they want to cut off all ties with Epic.

This also meant bad news for the players who still have Fortnite on their Apple devices. They will not be able to update the app to get the latest season, nor will they be able to make purchases from the store. This is a revenue loss for Apple and Epic loses the ability to serve its iOS users. But obviously both the companies knew that there would be collateral damage and yet, none of them are backing off.

The reason this trail will be industry defining is that it will either knock the most-valuable company off its pedestal, or forever leave the game developers at the mercy of the store operators. Things are already in motion and it’ll change the future of the tech and gaming industry forever.

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