Sep 1 | High tech tracking collar for your dog

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GPS Dog Collars Vs Radio Tracking Collars

you are looking to get a high tech tracking collar for your dog but you’re really not sure what technology will work best for you. There are microchips, radio tracking, and GPS dog collars, just to name a few. Let’s look at the differences between radio tracking collars and GPS dog collars.

First let’s take a look at the radio tracking collars. Radio tracking collars consist of two different parts. The first part of the pet tracking device goes on the dog’s collar and is constantly sending out radio signals. The second part of the radio system is the directional antenna or receiver which is constantly listening for the signal coming from the radio collar. The owner can tell if the dog is closer if the sounds from the antenna get louder or if the dog is getting farther away because the sounds from the antenna are getting softer..

High tech tracking collar for your dog

I know what you’re thinking…You’ve seen this on an episode of the Discovery Channel. Yes, you’re exactly right. This radio pet Best GPS Dog Collars tracking device is exactly the same technology that researchers have been using for years to track all kinds of animals. It’s the same thing just now are able to purchase this technology for your very own pet.

There are some major problems with the radio tracking collars which make GPS dog collars a very attractable alternative. There is no question that the cost of such systems is very high. These devices are very new to the arena of pet owners and so this has kept the price very high for the time being.

This technology for your very own pet

It is very common for people to have pets these days because most people live in nuclear families or alone, and pets are the best way to provide some amount of company. Keeping them is also not much of hassle because once they are trained and used to the way a particular family lives, they will not trouble you much and you will take care of them just as if they were part of your family itself.

However, you need to take care of your pets and one of the animals that need most such care taken of is a dog. Dogs are very sensitive and will get attached to you soon enough. Thus, you need to take your dog out on walks and make it exercise, give it the right kind of food and love them like you would love your child so that they do not feel neglected.Collars have to be put on dogs so that they can stay in control. These collars are also a sense of identity for the dog because they carry its name tag and the name and the address of the owner so that if something does happen, the dog can be reported back to its owner.

Collars have to be put on dogs

However, these days there is a new GPS system that comes attached with the dog collars and this is making it easier for owners to keep a tab on their pets. Such a GPS dog collar is available in many different kinds of shapes and sizes and can be easily found in pet shops or even bought over the internet. This is very useful because once fitted on the dog, you can keep a track on exactly where he is at all times. If your dog gets lost too, then you will be able to locate where he is and can bring him home back safely.

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