Sourcenext Launches U.S. Division To Help Tech Companies Expand Into Japanese Market

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PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Sourcenext (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, code: 4344), a market maker for brands in Japan including software, hardware, and IoT products and the manufacturer of Pocketalk, today announced the launch of its U.S.-based operations in Palo Alto, with a mission to help U.S.-based companies expand into the Japanese market.

Many western companies, large and small, typically fail in Japan due to misunderstanding market entry and the mindset of the Japanese consumer. Sourcenext, which is known for successfully raising sales performance in Japan for brands such as Rosetta Stone, Evernote and Dropbox, has deep roots in both B2B and B2C channels.

With a corporate office in the heart of Tokyo and a CEO based in Palo Alto, one of only a few Japanese CEOs based in the country, Sourcenext uniquely positioned the new U.S. office to be a marketmaker for American brands. By unlocking the world’s third largest economy in a way not possible before, Sourcenext is able to help brands achieve success through its superior understanding of Japanese consumer behavior.

With more than 25 years of proven success and a complete turnkey approach designed to take months instead of years, the team at Sourcenext understands every part of the go-to-market funnel, including certification, localization, logistics, distribution, marketing and channel strategies and customer service.

“The combination of Palo Alto and Tokyo provides Sourcenext with a unique vantage point,” said Doug Bieter, Head of Partner Development at Sourcenext. “We have purview into two of the most dynamic markets in the world and have been building a team of employees that deeply understand U.S. business needs. We’re truly making the market as opposed to just distributing the product, which is a strategic advantage we have over virtually everyone.”

Sourcenext U.S. has also announced an initial strategic alliance and capital investment in Owl Labs, the leader in immersive video conferencing technology and services. The team in Palo Alto will serve as Owl Labs’ exclusive go-to-market partner, selling its full line of products in Japan.

“As hybrid work environments and remote teams continue to rise at a rapid pace, Owl Labs has been dedicated to helping companies adapt around the world,” stated John Stevens, Chief Financial Officer at Owl Labs. “As part of that effort, we’ve partnered with industry leader Sourcenext to accelerate distribution of the Meeting Owl Pro to the Japanese market based on their experience and expertise. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and the speed at which Sourcenext moves. From our first meeting to availability in-market it took just four months and now we have a certified, localized product driving significant revenue in Japan already.”

“Our system, from signature to deployment of your product or innovation, takes a fraction of the time it would to enter the market typically. We have a process and a proven formula for the companies that we select that economically activates revenue at record pace. As part of that, we have an investment arm that is inclined to make investments in companies we find particularly promising,” said Noriyuki Matsuda, Founder and CEO of Sourcenext. “Owl was selected as a superior product that meets the needs of the Japanese market today by redefining the new hybrid work environment we are now facing.”

Sourcenext, known for its forward-thinking office set-ups, is also prioritizing bringing these unique solutions to its team. As such, Owl Labs has become part of the key upgrades in their own Tokyo office as Sourcenext employees re-enter the workplace from sheltering-in-place during the pandemic.

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About Sourcenext: 
Sourcenext (Tokyo Stock Exchange, 4344:JP) is the largest distributor and creator of software, hardware, and IoT products in Japan. Founded in 1996, Sourcenext specializes in helping companies like Rosetta Stone and Evernote sell their software products and apps to a market of millions. And now with the launch of Pocketalk, Sourcenext is bringing its own products to the world. Through its expertise in user experience, marketing, and customer support, Sourcenext has earned the trust and respect of partners, retailers, and consumers around the world.

About Owl Labs
Owl Labs is a collaborative technology company dedicated to creating a better workplace experience for today’s hybrid workforce of remote and in-office employees. The company’s products use emerging technology such as AI to bring teams together for better work. While focused on its core hardware, The Meeting Owl line of products, the company is developing advanced software technology to reinvent the conference room ecosystem and make it smart. Learn more about the company at

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