Vets go high tech to solve medical mystery involving geriatric sea lion on Oregon coast | News

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CORVALLIS, OR (KPTV) – Doctors at Oregon State University went high tech to solve a medical mystery involving a sea lion named Maximus.

Max is a 30-year-old geriatric member of the Oregon Coast Aquarium. He’s usually active and very vocal, but vets say he wasn’t acting like himself.

They said they weighed him and discovered that he had lost 10 percent of his weight, so he went to Corvallis for a CT scan.

After a 360-degree snout to tail image, along with an ultrasound of his heart, vets discovered that Max has congestive heart failure, and his heart is pumping at about 50 percent capacity. The doctor ordered medications to deal with Max’s blood pressure and took action to address the fluid in his lungs.

Vets hope that with strong medicine on the front end and maintenance therapy, that Max can hopefully love a relatively normal life. They say they will be treating Max the same way they would an older dog, since dogs and sea lions are similar physiologically.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium closed in mid-March and reopened its outdoor exhibits last month.

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