Spotify’s Giving Out Free Google Nest Mini Speakers Again

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If you have Spotify Premium (including Spotify Duo, Spotify Family and Spotify Student), you can once again claim a free Google Nest Mini speaker to use it on – even if you’re an existing customer, which is a pleasant change from the usual “new customers only.”

If you have a multi-person subscription like Duo or Family, you’ll need to be the Master account holder to claim the offer, and you’ll be the only one to get one – sadly it’s not one speaker per person! But technically you’re all supposed to be under the same roof to enjoy that package anyway, so you can all use the same speaker, right?

Image: Google

The Nest Mini is completely free, there isn’t even postage to pay – but if you participated last time they gave one away, sadly you can’t get one this time. The site will tell you if that’s the case when you try to claim.

On the bright side, if you can’t get one free, they’re also discounted on the Google Store right now: £29 instead of the usual £49.

As ever, the Spotify offer is only available while stocks last, so get on it ASAP. Pff, you’re not even still reading, are you?

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