UK investigating 9 reports of student parties on ‘Caturday’

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — The University of Kentucky is investigating after pictures and videos surfaced showing student parties during the UK v. Auburn football game Saturday where COVID safety precautions weren’t followed.

UK says it received nine complaints of large student gatherings where masks weren’t worn and social distancing wasn’t practiced during Kentucky’s opening season football game Saturday afternoon.

Lexington Police say they received 26 calls for loud parties and noise complaints but that’s for the entire city not just the campus-area.

“We reach out to people, start figuring out who was there, reaching out to those people, and then you decide if you need to move to the next step of a formal hearing and a formal review process where you bring folks in,” says UK spokesperson Jay Blanton.

Blanton says then a variety of things can happen then, first offense could be a verbal warning and could go all the way up to getting kicked out of school.

Viewers sent us video and pictures from Elizabeth Street and Waller Avenue where most the complaints came from.

This comes at a time when the university is getting some flack for increasing the county’s coronavirus numbers with students testing positive pushing it for a time into the “red” and currently the “orange” zone.

Blanton believes the county, as he understands it, would still be in the orange without UK’s numbers.

“The university is not contributing to some community spread which is an issue that people need to rightly be paying attention to and understanding,” says Blanton.

The university says most of its students are following the rules and for those who aren’t, UK plans to keep pressing the issue and keep informing students and disciplining.

Pictures like these are frustrating some Fayette County parents who want their children back in the classroom as the school board looks to county numbers to decide whether to return to in-person instruction.

One of the moderators of the Facebook group, ‘Let them Learn in Fayette County’ says people are wrongfully painting UK as the bad guys.

“I don’t blame students for responding the way they are or maybe not responding the way they are but that doesn’t make it right. Should they be more considerate? Certainly. Was I more considerate at that age? Definitely not,” says Todd Burus.

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