‘Huge blow’ as girl’s only bone marrow donor in the world pulls out at last minute

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A distraught family in the UK has made an urgent plea after their little girl, who has a rare blood disorder, had her only bone marrow donor pull out at the last minute.

Just as she got prepared for the bone marrow transplant, Evie Hodgson’s donor pulled out – devastating her family.

Her mother is now worried about the eight year old’s future, as the chances of finding another donor are extremely slim.

In fact, they’re so slim that doctors are trying to find another course of treatment for Evie.

Evie Hodgson.
Evie Hodgson. Credit: North News

This is despite the fact that finding a stem cell transplant from a compatible donor is the best hope of curing the little girl.

Evie, from North Yorkshire, has deadly aplastic anaemia which was diagnosed after she developed a rash on her back that didn’t fade.

She was found to have low blood platelet levels which doctors worried was leukaemia.

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