New Zealand now has the gayest Parliament in the world

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Special votes – which can be returned and counted up to 10 days after election day – mean that the number of LGBTQ+ representations at the House of Representatives could still change.

Special votes include votes made overseas, by post-in, by prisoners on remand and prisoners sentenced to less than three years.

If the Green Party lose its number nine and ten seats, currently held by rainbow members Kerekere and Menéndez, Parliament’s current LGBTQ+ representation could decrease.

The change would be down from 11 to nine members, or 7.5 percent. If this happens, New Zealand will maintain the world record, staying above the UK at 7 percent.

After special votes were counted in 2017, National lost two seats, Labour lost one, and the Greens picked up two.

In 2009, Parliament named one of its 11 select committee meeting rooms ‘Rainbow Room’, dedicated to gay, lesbian, and transgender New Zealanders.

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