‘The whole world is watching,’ Biden, Trump supporters talk out their differences

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KENOSHA (WKOW) — Joe Biden supporters faced some opposition as fans of President Trump met outside the Kenosha County Courthouse prior to Biden’s visit to Kenosha but overall altercations remained peaceful.

While there were disagreements between Trump and Biden supporters, many participated in pleasant conversations — a stark difference from Tuesday when President Trump toured Kenosha and met with law enforcement.

Instead of divisiveness and anger, Michelle Stoeder of Kenosha said she used this opportunity to talk out her differences with others, peacefully.

“People are angry, why are they so angry?” said Stoeder. “We should we be trying to talk with people and find peace and work together.”

Stevante Clark, the brother of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man whose 2018 shooting by Sacramento police received national attention also took the time to talk to Trump supporters, reaching out a hand to shake after a disagreement on police brutality.

As the Kenosha community still heals from the aftermath of protests and property damage some hope Biden’s visit will bring more people together.

“The whole world is watching and were getting more divided and were not doing anything to solve it,” said Courtney Sharnaman of Kenosha.

Those who showed up in hopes to get a glimpse of the former vice president also ran into those who oppose Biden’s “healing and unity” messaging surround the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Chris Parker, a Trump supporter, said he’s frustrated Democrats blame the President for causing riots and violent protests.

“I just feel they are putting all the blame on Trump and it’s his fault but the governors and the mayors in cities where its happening doesn’t step up to the plate,” said Parker.

Many Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets during Biden’s visit believing change is too slow and modest, many still frustrated over the use of force tactics by police against black people.

Not everyone was supportive of presidential candidates coming into town. Black Lives Activists member Porsche Bennett said they instead want the attention to stay on their message of racial justice and police accountability.

“I don’t really focus on the political side of things I focus on the what’s going on in these streets, we focus on what’s going on here,” said Bennett.

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