When the world went into lockdown, 12 children started hope3g.com, forming a Board of Directors to save education… they’re succeeding

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In a time of global chaos, the HOPE Platform is creating harmony between parents’ working days and children’s learning days, as the pandemic continues to disrupt our daily work and school lives. All mums and dads are master jugglers, but even the most organised parent can’t always ensure their children are occupied while they need peace to finish work or take an important Zoom meeting. Structure and routine has taken a nosedive ever since the living room became both the office and the classroom. With uncertainty over a second wave, parents and kids are nervously anticipating the difficulties that will ensue.

With a simple to use, purpose-designed drag-and-drop scheduling system, HOPE has created the solution, ensuring every parent’s working day and child’s home-school day is harmonised in a way that is tailor-made to family needs.

With the likelihood of local lockdowns and school closures throughout the next year, teachers are bracing themselves for the difficulty of spending hours redesigning lessons to be taught online. The HOPE kids believe in a better way that sees teachers helping teachers, and expands their outreach to a truly global audience. By uploading videos that can be accessed by students from all over the world as well as their own students, our teachers can rely on one another to fill in the gaps left by the disruption. With several teacher-bodies already preparing content to go live from day one, the HOPE kids want teachers everywhere to be able to easily and confidently transition to virtual teaching. No sacrificing quality of education through rushed online lessons, and educators have a global support network creating shared content for anyone to incorporate into their syllabus. You’re going to need a bigger teachers’ lounge! The HOPE kids have approached all aspects of their platform with no limitations on imagination, including who their teachers could be! Of course, teachers will always be the backbone of a child’s education, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who can teach and inspire the world! The HOPE kids believe that everyone has something valuable to teach or a passion to share, and dream of a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to do so. Anyone and everyone is invited to the party that the HOPE kids are throwing, to teach your passion, profession, or area of expertise! HOPE has already connected with a number of leading professionals, celebrities, politicians, sports stars and other influential leaders to contribute to our platform. Extra-curricular activities just hit the big time! HOPE is offering a catalogue of content on our platform that goes beyond the usual curriculum and gives kids everywhere the opportunity to learn practical skills and pursue their passions with lessons from experts and public figures in all industries.

Please feel free to contact us using the details below to learn more, obtain any necessary permission or release forms, or to organise an interview with some of the child directors. Please find still pictures for use and video content for broadcast (VNR) at the link below:



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