Full Fibre UK ISP Hyperoptic Reintroduce Cheaper 30Mbps Plan

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City focused full fibre (FTTP/B) broadband ISP Hyperoptic, which claims to cover well over 400,000 UK premises, will later this morning (after 10am) reduce some of their prices and also reintroduce a cheaper 30Mbps tier as their new entry-level option (this was previously replaced a year ago by their 50Mbps plan).

At present we don’t know why the provider has resuscitated the 30Mbps plan, although if it’s anything like their original package then it will probably come attached to a meagre 1Mbps upload speed. Otherwise all of the new discounts mentioned below are due to run until 11th October 2020 and you’ll need to input the promotional code HYPERFALL when ordering.

As usual new customers can pick from either a broadband and phone bundle or a broadband-only (standalone) service on a 12-month minimum contract term. You can also get a “no contract” option (broadband-only), but this tends to cost a few pounds extra per month. We note that a one-off connection fee of £29 applies to most packages, albeit dropping to £9.99 on their 30Mbps option.

All packages include unlimited usage, 24/7 support, a wireless router and a dynamic IP address or £5 extra per month for a Static IP. Hyperoptic’s network has an ambition to cover 2 million homes by the end of 2021 and then possibly 5 million by the end of 2024 (here), but they’ve been vague about their roll-out progress so far.

NOTE: The 150Mbps and faster tiers have symmetric download and upload speeds.

Hyperoptic Prices for 12 Month Term

Broadband Only
Broadband and Phone
30Mbps (1Mbps)
£17.99 a month (*£TBA) £19.99 a month (*£25)
50Mbps (5Mbps)
£19.95 a month (*£22) £21.95 a month (*£25)
£29 a month (*£35) £31 a month (*£38)
500Mbps £35 a month (*£50) £41 a month (*£53)
900Mbps £45 a month (*£60) £49 a month (*£63)

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